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A Game By

Zeal Teck

Cargo Man is an open world action adventure RPG currently in the early design and prototype phase. The media presented here is to give an example of the visuals and upcoming game play.

presentation 9-2.png

CargoMan incorporates looter shooter elements within its gameplay. Crates, boxes, chests etc contain randomly generated weapons, materials for customization etc.

Editor Tool: Vehicle Generator

Adding more options to the custom vehicle generator. Vehicle parts will effect speed and carrying capacity.. Editor generates vehicle prefabs to populate the world map during world building.

Vehicle Generator gif crop.gif
tool and mindomo.png

Enemy Pathfinding

Testing out Enemy state machines for seek and destroy. Have to tweak and fine tune based on distance and specific obstacles for cover fire etc.

A start AI gif.gif

A* Path Testing

Fine tuning the A* algorithm with resizable grid in which it will be uses for:

 Enemy AI / Traffic Simulation / NPC navigation

Enemy AI State Machines:

- Seek and Destroy

- Free Roam

- Follow etc

a star paths.gif

Item Pickup + New Item Stats

  • Implemented hiding of item info when player is a certain distance away to show less clutter at eye level.

  • Item beacons can be seen from further away to let the player know that an item is in distance.

  • Allows the player to inspect all stats of each individual item.

item pickup gif.gif

Shock Draco

Shock Draco based on electricity element type.

electric draco 2 gif.gif
shock draco.png


Ragdoll Physics Test

Testing recently implemented RagDoll physics by way of explosions.

ragdoll med gif.gif
grenade launcher.png

Auto Cargo


Auto Cargo is a vehicle customization shop available in town. Main customization's available for cargo carrying capacity and tires for rough terrain.

auto cargo NPC test small.gif

NPC Chat System


Created a modular chat system for all NPC's. I will also add random dialogue for certain NPC's  from a set of predefined chat sequences.

npc chats gif cropped.gif


Guns N' More

Guns N' More is a weapon shop where you can purchase guns, knives, armor and items. Also has a food stand right outside for your convenience.

guns n more banner .png
guns n more collage gif.gif

Enemy A.I.


Basic enemy A.I. complete. Currently working on cover fire and  simple A* Path-finding algorithms.

enemy combat gif.gif


Combat Knives

A wide variety of combat knives for melee combat will come with their own attributes for damage and status effects such as poison, burn, paralysis etc.

melee gif final.gif

Modular Interior


Reusable modular interior that can be custom edited. Interior complete in preparation for upcoming steering wheel driving mechanics.

expedition vehicle interior gif.gif
expedition vehicle in grass draft gif.gif


New Vehicle Type

Off Road Expedition Vehicle which holds double the Cargo than a regular Jeep

cmv 1.png
cmv3 gif.gif


Breakable Crates

Crates can now be broken open to retrieve its cargo.

picking up crates low gif.gif


Testing New Grass

Testing new grass and foliage in preparation for building the first town and its surrounding region.

testing new grass 2 gif.gif


Inventory UI Test

The major parts of the inventory system are almost complete. Other major parts include character profile, world and town maps, quest logs and customization UI.

inventory almost done.gif



Testing out a modular sneak animation for one of the enemy types.



3rd Person Shoulder Cam

3rd Person Camera system now allows for shoulder aim assist along with left and right strafe and camera rotation for additional aiming accuracy.

CargoMan-3rd person camera system.gif

Animations reside on a base layer and additional layers utilizing late update for masking and spine override.



Ive decided to create a dog companion which will help you fight and look for important items / weapons throughout the open world.

sprocket and cargoman final gif.gif

Weapon Crafting Workbench

This is a weapon crafting workbench which can be found in all towns and around the world map. The tools within the workbench are a collection of modern day technology.

workbench 1.png
workbench 4 .png
workbench 3.png
m4 collage.png
workbench 9_edited.jpg

6 - 3 - 2022

Currently creating a custom character controller which allows the player to run, jump, roll, hang from ledges and climb ladders for platforming style game play. Also working on custom camera collision, zoom and weapon aiming controls.

cargoMan ak47.gif
ladder climb.gif
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